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Tawny Grisette

Amanita fulva    or   Amanita vaginata var fulva      

Caps are 5-10 cm across, smooth, slippery when wet, convex becoming flat or umbonate, margin striate, variable in colour, and grey to cinnamon or tan brown. Flesh is white. Gills are free and white. Stalks are up to 15 cm tall by 1.5 cm wide, and smooth or powdery. Ring is absent. Cups are   sac-like, white to tan, irregularly roughened, and sometimes buried. Spore print is white and non amyloid. Widespread and one of the most common of the Amanita species, it is recognized by lacking a ring and the grey or brown, striate cap. Edible but avoid.  CLICK HERE for mature specimen of this species.  For  picture of true Grisette  try Amanita vaginata.