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Coprinus disseminatus            Crumble Cap

Coprinus species are very photogenic so if you are interested in photographing  mushrooms then start with a Coprinus to get a little positive feedback from you friends.  Check  INDEX for other C. comatus, C. quadrifidus, C. plicatilis, C. disseminatus, C. atramentarius, C. micaceus and C. lagopus (soon!).

Caps are 0.5-1 cm across, dry, conic to bell-shaped, blue-grey or grey-brown, and striate. Gills are attached, white, becoming black. Stalks are up to 4 cm tall, white, slender, minutely hairy, becoming smooth. Spore prints are black to purple-black. This tiny mushroom fruits in large numbers on old stumps or from buried wood. It is one of the few species in this group that doesn’t turn into ink.