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Hydnellum peckii                 Bleeding Tooth Fungus

The photograph shows a very early stage in the developent of  Bleeding Tooth.   The young fruitbody is spongy and characteristically exudes droplets of red fluid.   Later the fruitbody becomes tougher and  teeth develop on the underside.  This common and widespread species fruits under conifers.


Caps are flat to slightly depressed, 5-15 cm across, felty to woolly, dark brown at the centre, changing to salmon-pink at margin and exuding blood-red droplets when young. The teeth are salmon-pink, ageing brown and up to 4 mm long. The stalks are up to 8 cm tall and velvety. The flesh is dingy brown with a peppery taste. Widespread and not uncommon, it fruits on the ground under conifers. Not edible.