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Hygrophorus pudorinus        Blushing Wax Cap

This is one of the more robust species of Hygrophorus   and has an overall pinkish tinge.  The gills are white, decurrent, well-spaced, and the stalk is delicately roughened.


Caps are 3-10 cm, slippery when wet, smooth, convex to bell-shaped becoming flat with a broad knob, and pinkish to pinkish-tan to buff.  Gills are attached to decurrent, thick, well-spaced, and white to cream with pink tinge.  Stalks are up to 8 cm tall by 2 cm wide, dry, scurvy with cottony tufts at apex, and coloured as the cap.  Spore prints are white.  Widespread and fairly common, this waxcap fruits on the ground in woods.