June 2002

1. New Zealand Stamps

wpeD.jpg (34640 bytes)

Fungi illustrated: Hygrocybe rubrocarnosa, Entoloma hochstetteri (click here), Aseroe rubra, Hericium coralloides, Thaxterogaster porphyreus  (click here), Ramaria aureorhiza. 

       In 1989 I  took a sabbatical in New Zealand to study parasites of soil and litter microfauna and centred my studies at the (then) DSIR in Aukland.  I found a lot of exciting new microfungi.  In my travels around the country collecting soil samples for analysis, I also took a number of pictures of NZ mushrooms and some of the more spectacular of these are on this website (click here).  A number of these were also published in the 'New Zealand Geographic' magazine and two of them eventually ended up on the album cover of a rock band called CHUG!  

  Recently I received two delightful surprises in the mail.  Both were sets of the stamps illustrated above.  One a franked first day cover and the other a set of new stamps.   Both were from friends (in CANADA by the way) who were aware of my earlier photographs in NZ and knew I would be very interested.   I am more than lucky to have such thoughtful friends.   So thankyou Jim and Duncan for your kindness.   As my wife said   "I didn't know you had two friends!'

2.  Cienkowskia reticulata   -  unusual slime mould with a red-dotted plasmodiocarp.

3.   PLUS 10 more selections. Click on individual species to access. Cantharellus cibarius,  Cyathus ollaCantharellus cinnabarinusClimacodon septentrionale,   Coltricia perennis,   Dictydium cancellatum,   Geoglossum difformeGyrodon merulioides,  Hebeloma crustuliniforme, Mycena haematopus