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Mutinus ravenelii  

Mature fruitbody (= basidioma = basidiocarp).   Note that the stalk developed from the columella in the egg (click here) is porous in structure.   This allows maximum height with minimum resources.  The foetid, gooey spore mass has a sugary component and flies  attracted by the odour happily soup up this material as a gourmet delight and thus aid in the spore dispersal. 

Those with courage  should know that stinkhorn eggs are edible.   Concerning the mature stinkhorn's edibility,  I am sure someone has tried eating them but none of my acquaintances have admitted this to me.  The general appearance of stinkhorns has indicated to some, with perhaps more imagination than logic, that stinkhorns have aphrodisiac properties.   If you believe this, feel free to test the hypothesis and advise the rest of us of the results.   However, if it does indeed give positive results, I suggest you that it might be unwise to advise your partner about the source of your prowess.