October 2002   

1. Something from the past  -  Cover for CHUG's  ' Sassafras ' album (below)

2.   PLUS:  17 more selections to the SPECIES list!  Amanita fulva2, Craterellus fallax,  Curvularia lunata,  Agaricus sp. (Gill Section),  Mycena epipterygia, Pholiota aurivellaPuccinia coronata (rust cups - macro), Puccinia graminis (rust cup - micro), Saprolegnia sp., Scleroderma aurantium2, Dasyscyphus virgineus, Cyathus striatus, Spinellus fusiger 2,  Aspergillus wentii, Pholiota granulosa, Nidula niveotomentossa2, Syzygospora mycetophila 2.

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In 1989-90, or thereabouts, I visited New Zealand to study parasites of rotifers!  While I was there I took the opportunity to take some shots of  NZ mushrooms.   It was a very dry year but I was lucky and got a few good shots (click here), particularly around the Nelson Lakes in South Island.  Some of these eventually made it to in an issue of  the magazine 'New Zealand Geographic' to illustrate an article in NZ fungi written by the then DSIR   

A year or so later, I got a letter from Flying Nun Records indicating that one of the ladies in a band called CHUG liked the pictures and wanted to use two of them for an album cover.  So (as a contribution to NZ culture!) I donated the images to this cause!  Flying Nun didn't even need the original slides but 'lifted' the images straight from the magazine.   They gave me a nice credit in the album literature and sent me a few copies of the album to boot.   So, all in all, it was a nice experience.  There may be mushrooms on other album covers but I haven't seen them.  If you know of any give me a buzz!

New Zealand is a great country, with great people, a great climate, and lots of things to see and do.  Don't ever miss a chance to visit.

The pretty, purple mushroom chosen for the front cover (above) is Cortinarius magellanicus.  On the back of  the album they used the Coprinus disseminatus image seen below.

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