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Pholiota aurivella          Golden Pholiota

The Golden Pholiota is recognized by its flattened red-brown scales on a yellow to yellow-brown ground.  The caps are slimy.    This species is one of the many attractive Pholiotas and is common in Ontario as a wood rotter.

Caps are 3-15 cm, yellow to yellow-brown with red-brown scales, slimy, and hemispherical to convex becoming flat. Gills are attached, broad, close, yellow, and  become rusty. Stalks are up to 10 cm tall by 12 mm broad, coloured as cap, and scaly. Rings are inconspicuous. Spore prints are brown. Widespread and common, it fruits on dead wood.  The fruitbodies persist for some time and the scales may weather off. Not recommended.