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Polyporus squamosus       Dryad's Saddle

Taken with a Nikon 995 June 2002; Note the shallow depth of field.  The camera was set on automatic so I didn't have to think!  This resulted in a wide aperture (smaller depth of field) combined with a higher shutter speed. Compare with the photo of C. quadrifidus where aperture priority was selected and the lens stopped to about f 9 for greater depth of field.  Of course, I needed to use a tripod because of the long exposure time.

Polyporus squamosus is one of the earliest of the annual bracket fungi.  It fruits in spring and often again in the same locations in the fall.    It is easily recognized by its scaly cap and large whitish pores.   Some fuitbodies have numerous zones of dark red-brown scales (click here).  In other strains the scales are pale and few in number.  So!  There is a lot of variation from collection to collection.