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Notice that the four plots in the foreground treated with Typhula phacorhiza (the biocontrol agent) remained beautifully green in a sea of dead grass killed by Typhula ishicariensis and/or Typhula incarnata (the parasitic agents).   Most important, is that you can see that the biological control (foreground) is apparently as good as or better than  the chemical controls in the background!

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Figure 1: Snow mold trials at a golf course in the Canadian Rocky Mountains photographed on 27 April, 2000. The plots in the top half (background) are snow mold fungicide trials. The plots at the bottom half (foreground) are Typhula phacorrhiza trials composed of four treatments with four replications. The four green 1m x 1m plots in the foreground were treated with T. phacorrhiza on 23 October 1999. (Photo and legend courtesy T. Hsiang, University of Guelph).