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Ascobolus furfuraceus

Ascobolus -  The fruit body is only a few hundred microns tall so it can be contained in the low power field of a microsocope.  The fruitbody is an apothecium (cup-shaped with an exposed layer of asci (hymenium).  Each ascus contain 8 ascospores in a row, These are shot off a small distance 10 -20 cm and are thgen carried off by the wind either to other sources of dung or possibly they stick to grass that is ingested by the herbivores to start the cycle again.  To identify the species it is necessary to look at the asci and ascospores at a higher magnification, measure them in microns, and check their colour (a natural purple) and ornamentation if any e.g. rough or smooth  -   with germ slits or  not, or whatever.