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Clavariadelphus sachalinensis

Typically in troops on the ground in northern coniferous forests across North America.   Fruiting bodies up to 7 cm tall, 3-18 mm diam, narrowly clavate, rather tough, the apex rounded to bluntly pointed.   Under the microscope the spores are narrowly ellipsoid, boletoid, swayback, 18-24 x 4-6 ?m, and the basidia clavate, 65-105 ?m long.  In the field the fruiting bodies of C. sachaliensis and C. ligula look  alike, but C. ligula has smaller spores (12-16.5 x 3.5-4.5 ?m) and shorter basidia (45-85 ?m long).  Photo and legend.    Jim Ginns

Photographed in Manning Park, B.C