A few fungi from the west from Jim Ginns:

Many of you will know Jim Ginns formerly of the Biosystematics Group at Central Experiment Farm, Ottawa.   Or you may have heard of his work on resupinate Basidiomycota - those thelephoraceous things that look like paint on wood and have a disturbing similarity to each other in the field.   Jim is one of these rare individuals who loves resupinates and you may be familiar with his research level textbook on these fungi.   Hopefully, one day Jim will write an illustrated introduction to common resupinates for people like me and perhaps you too!   With keys of course!  ARE YOU LISTENING JIM?

     Jim  has now retired to Penticton BC and is having a fine time running around British Columbia with some expensive camera equipment photographing all kinds of  macrofungi.  Jim's shots  are the focus of this month's special.    My February special was a bit late so to compensate Jim's special will be a bit early.    Enjoy Jim's fine pictures - just click on the thumbnails for illustrations and legends.

wpe3.jpg (57003 bytes)   Clavaria purpurea

wpe2.jpg (59651 bytes)   Clavariadelphus truncatus

wpe6.jpg (37822 bytes)  Tremiscus helvelloides

wpe9.jpg (43691 bytes)   Serpula lacrymans

wpe2.jpg (47964 bytes)   Clavariadelphus sachalinensis