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Hyphae of the water mould Saprolegnia 

The hyphae of Saprolegnia and Achlya consist of  broad, branching tubes (hyphae) filled with protoplasm.  The protoplasm is multinucleate and has simultaneous bidirectional streaming to maintain communication within the  system. Saprolegnia is called "The Water Mould" because the hyphae are so coarse they can be seen with the naked eye.   Hyphae of Saprolegnia are wider than a human hair and in the related genus Achlya are greater than 250 microns (1/4 mm) in diameter.  However these are not strictly vegetative hyphae and their primary function seems as fertile hyphae bearing the asexual and sexual reproductive structures of the fungus  (oogonoia, antheridia, zoosporangia).

Students:  Discuss this last sentence!

What are the pros and cons of broad vegetative hyphae?