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Sowerbyella rhenana    False Orange Peel

Sowerbyella rhenana is occasionally recorded in northeastern regions but it is more common along the Pacific Northwest where it fruits on wet mossy spots.  In S. rhenana the cups are stalked and this helps to distinguish it from the more common Aleuria aurantia (Orange Peel Fungus ).   Sowerbyella rhenana  was formerly classified in Aleuria  but was recently moved into the genus Sowerbyella.   However, things taxonomic are in a state of flux and it may move back again before the year is out so don't make any fast moves in your record book.   In Aleuria aurantia the cups are attached directly to the substratum.  Both species are recognized by their bright orange colour but they may fade or bleach in age.  

Aleuria aurantia prefers disturbed sites and is often seen at the edge of newly constructed trails in the east or along the shoulders of logging roads in the temperate rainforest of the west coast.  This species is thin-fleshed and brittle.  It is reported as edible and is eaten fresh.   It  looks pretty against the green of a salad but don’t expect too much for flavour.