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Sarcoscypha  occidentalis 

The vermilion fruitbodies (= apothecia) are up to a centimetre across and are supported by white to pinkish stalks up to 3 cm long.  As with the Common Scarlet Cup (= Sarcoscypha austriaca), this species fruits on sticks and small branches on the forest floor.  It is smaller than S. austriaca, has longer stalks, and fruits later in the year often in wet periods in the summer.  S. austriaca fruits in April.

Woe is me, another change!                                                                                                            Sarcoscypha austriaca is the current name for the cup fungus we have been calling S. coccinea in these regions for many years.   Apparently S. coccinea occurs in western North America but the species in the east is not the same and is now called S. austriaca. The people in Manitoba and Kansas now have a real problem to take their minds off tornadoes.