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Diagrammatic representation of nematodes trapped by the adhesive nets of the predatory fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora.  

This diagram was drawn by Rick Hurst of a typical scene from a Petri Dish of Arthrobotrys and nematodes.   Rick did an exceptional translation of my rough drawings and it became the cover of my small book on Nematode-Destroying Fungi published way back in 1977.

Charles Drechsler was the mycologist who made contributions above all others to our understanding of this group.  Drechsler was a keen observer, a careful recorder, a prodigious worker and a talented illustrator.   From 1933-1975 he published a remarkable series of papers on nematode destroying fungi that will be his lasting legacy through the ages.  More than 150 species are known and most were described by Drechsler.   Initially these predatory fungi were thought to be strictly anamorphic belonging to the Hyphomycetes of the Deuteromyota.  Later studies at Guelph and elsewhere, however. showed that these anamorphic fungi could be connected to both the Discomycetes of the Ascomycota (Orbilia)and to the gill fungi and thelephoraceous fungi of the Basidiomycota (Hohenbuehelia, Pleurotus etc.).   NEXT