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The Geography Society is the voice of the students in the Geography Department at the University of Guelph.

The Geography Society

The Geography Society

University of Guelph

University of Guelph


Last amended: Sept 25th 2012

We the members of The Geography Society agree to abide by the conditions set out in this constitution as well as the rules and regulations set out by the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance (CSAHS-SA).

ARTICLE 1: The constitutional order established in this instrument shall be proper source of guidance for the running of The Geography Society, second to none but subject to the laws of Canada, Ontario, University of Guelph and the CSAHS-SA of the University of Guelph.
ARTICLE 2: In pursuance of the rule of law of this constitution no member shall be above or below the by-laws of this instrument.

ARTICLE 1: The name of the Club shall be “The Geography Society” of the University of Guelph.


    1. To afford a collective discussion of members’ problems and give any necessary and helpful assistance in any form the Club can and thinks fit to individual members or groups. 
    2. To foster a spirit of solidarity among members.
    3. To represent members in matters relating to University policy and other problems deemed fit by the club.


    1. To promote co-operation, understanding and, friendship between all students at the University of Guelph.
    2. To work in close collaboration with other organizations with aims and objectives compatible with our course.

ARTICLE 1: Membership shall be open to any faculty member and/or student studying at the University of Guelph who possesses an interest in Geography.

ARTICLE 2: The Society will not deny full membership to any person on the basis of race, religious beliefs, nationality, political beliefs, age, marital status, sex, or sexual orientation.

ARTICLE 3: Subject to Article 1 under this section, full membership, including the right to vote and hold office, shall be given to active members.  Active members shall refer to members whose absence at general meetings does not exceed two consecutive meetings, except for documented and valid circumstances.   

ARTICLE 1:  The Geography Society shall consist of an executive, year representative and general members.

ARTICLE 2: The officers of the Society shall be:

    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Academic Liaison
    4. Communications Liaison
    5. Events Coordinator
    6. Apparel Coordinator
    7. Treasurer
    8. Secretary
    9. Volunteer Coordinators
    10. Year Representatives

ARTICLE 3: Duties

(a) President

  1. The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Society
  2. Shall preside over all executive and general meetings of the Society
  3. Shall countersign all cheques of the Society
  4. Shall in consultation with the Secretary convene executive, general and emergency meetings.
  5. Shall in consultation and collaboration with the other members of the executive and club be responsible for the organization of any special events that must be carried out.
(b) Vice – President
  1. The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President
  2. Shall represent the Society to the CSAHS-SA and inform the executive of any communication from the college representatives.
(c) Academic Liaison
    1. Shall assist in the day-to–day management of club activities.
    2. Shall also assume the duties of any other officers in temporary absence
    3. In the event of vacation of office by any Executive member, he/she shall assume duties of the office in the interim.
    4. Shall communicate regularly with the faculty and staff of the Geography department through email regarding the activities of the Society.
    5. Shall be the main point of contact in the Society for Geography faculty and staff.

(d) Communications Liaison

    1. Shall be responsible for communicating with the Geography student body about socials, presentations, meetings, etc.
    2. Shall be responsible for organizing the general and internal email list-serves.
    3. Shall be responsible for organizing, maintaining and updating the Society website where such abilities exist.  In the absence of such abilities the members shall work with someone with such abilities
    4. Shall be responsible for organizing, maintaining and updating the societies social networks, namely Facebook

(e) Events Coordinator

    1. Shall coordinate and book rooms, entertainment, etc. for all society events.
    2. Shall be responsible for the submission of Student Risk Management forms to the CSA and any other documents required for approval of events.

(f) Apparel Coordinator

    1. Shall be responsible for the organization and production of apparel and other goods for sale.

(g) Treasurer

    1. The Treasurer shall keep an up-to-date account of all financial transactions of the society: Via income and Expenditures.
    2. Shall be co-signer to all cheques and other financial documents of the Society.
    3. At the end of office and any other time as requested by members, the Treasurer shall present a detailed Statement of Account or par thereof, of the financial status of the Society.

(g) Volunteer Coordinator

    1. Shall build relationships with both campus and community members through volunteer activities to grow the volunteer base of the Geography Society
    2. Shall manage volunteers to ensure a highly motivated group of individuals who are committed to achieving goals set out by the Geography Society
    3. Shall recruit, engage and evaluate volunteers, as well as recognize those who donate their time and efforts.

(h) Secretary

    1. The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date register including ID#s, Phone #s and email addresses of the executive.
    2. Shall keep minutes of all general and executive meetings.
    3. Shall undertake all official correspondence of the Society in consultation with the President.

ARTICLE 4: Year Representatives

  1. The year representatives shall consist of members from each academic year in Geography.  Those members will remain the voting members of the Geography Society and they must act in accordance to items in section IV Article 3

ARTICLE 1: All students in Geography have the right to participate and vote in all general meetings

ARTICLE 2: All students in Geography have the right to run for position on the executive or representative.

ARTICLE 3: All students have the right to vote in elections.

ARTICLE 4: All students have the right to participate in events that are run by the Geography Society.

ARTICLE 1: Committees may be established as and when decided by the members at a general meeting.

ARTICLE 1: Only those members who have demonstrated full membership as defined in Section IV Article 3 shall qualify to hold executive office.


  1. Election shall be held within the first week of March
  2. The officers shall hold their positions for both fall and winter semesters of the following school year, and are responsible for responding to emails in the summer preceding office
  3. The officers elected shall work with the executive currently holding their position, during a mandatory two-week period, following the election and prior to assumption of office.
  4. Handing over shall be done at a general meeting at which the outgoing officials shall be required to present a report and statement of account for their tenure of office.


  1. At least two weeks prior to the scheduled date for election, current executives, as well as general members of the community, will be notified of all available positions.
  2. Any individual interested in running for office must be present at the time of the elections to present a speech, so that the current executive may vote in new members for the upcoming year.
  3. Vacant executive positions may be filled at any time, with a majority vote from the current executive members.

ARTICLE 4: Each office shall pull a victory vote by a simple majority.


  1. Any vacated office shall be filled as soon as possible, by by-election at a general meeting.
  2. Nominations and voting shall be conducted at said meeting.


  1. There shall be at least 1 general meeting per semester.
  2. Notice of all general meetings shall be communicated to members at least two (2) days before the intended meetings.

ARTICLE 2: The Secretary shall convene emergency meetings on the request of the President or on petition signed by no less than five (5) full members and be presented to the President.


  1. Executive meetings shall be convened by the President in consultation with the Secretary at least 3 times a month
  2. The executive meetings shall be a quorum of executive members and any other members of the society who wish to be present.

ARTICLE 1: Funds shall be raised from membership fees, participation in CSAHS-SA activities, activities organized by the executive committee and any other source.

ARTICLE 2: The funds of the Society shall be deposited in an account with any bank in Guelph or may be kept with the CSAHS-SA.

ARTICLE 3: The executive shall first approve any expenditure in excess of $50.00 and under $150.00.

ARTICLE 4: Any expenditure in excess of $150.00 or any amount determined by members from time to time shall first be approved by at least 2/3 of the full members present at the general meeting.

ARTICLE 5: All receipts for any purchases or expenses made in connection with the society must be handed over to the Treasurer.


  1. Any executive member who feels unable to carry on with her/his office shall tender in a written notice of resignation
  2. Such resignation shall be effective under the following circumstances: The said person;
    1. Does not have any outstanding obligations to the Society.
    2. Shall have received a written reply from the Society regarding her/his resignation.
  3. With reference to (b) an emergency meeting shall be convened as soon as possible by not later than fourteen (14) days after receipt of the said written resignation notice.


  1. A motion of no confidence on any or all of the executive signed by at least five (5) full members shall attract an emergency meeting to vote on the issue.
  2. Such a motion shall be effective by a vote of at least two thirds of members of the Society.

ARTICLE 1: Appropriate behaviour shall be expected of members at general meetings and other activities of the Society.

ARTICLE 1: Members and officers shall be subject to penalty by a majority vote from the society on the basis of:

  1. Violation of the constitution
  2. Inappropriate use of the Society's name and facilities

ARTICLE 2: The Executive and/or the members shall see to the application of such sanction within one semester at most.

ARTICLE 1: Any part or parts of this constitution shall be altered, deleted or supplemented in part or in whole, only after an executive has studied and made recommendations.

ARTICLE 2: SUCH AMENDMENTS MUST BE APPROVED by all executive members present at an executive meeting.