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So you wanna help save the world? Feeling oppressed and depressed by the volume of negative news about the state of our planet? Well, I can't promise miracles, but I can offer some little things that I have started doing that we can all do to help reduce our ecological footprint.

February 20, 2006

Wow - the last time I updated this website was 4 years ago. I have since graduated and am now working for the University as a Sustainability Coordinator, but recently received an email that prompted me to finally update my backlogged ecobits, which I had compiled a while ago. I am no longer actively writing the ecobit column in the Ontarion, although it does still run. I passed the torch to author Lisa Woynarski, who co-wrote with Jon Choquette for a while, but who I believe has recently taken full responsibility for the weekly column in the student paper.

October 28, 2002 Apologies to everyone who reads (read, past tense) this site. I am furiously behind with updates. I didn't update over the summer because I was on vacation during the school semester, and now that Fall has rolled around again I have been crazy busy, moreso than I ever thought possible. Ecobits is taking a hiatus from the Ontarion, and so although you won't be seeing any new 'Bits in the student paper, perhaps I will find the time to do some updating to the site, and get the backlogged Ecobits posted in the archives.

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