Graham Taylor

Composable, distributed-state models for high-dimensional time series

Graham W. Taylor

Download the thesis in PDF format. (Submitted to School of Graduate Studies Sep 15, 2009)
Download the slides from my defense in PDF format.


While we have made every effort to ensure that this thesis is a self-contained work, it is difficult to emphasize the strong generative ability of the models presented herein without demonstrating visually some examples of synthesis. In Chapters 4-6 we make reference to several videos. They are available here, organized by chapter.

The videos were encoded using H.264 and so to view them with this integrated player you will need a relatively new version of Adobe Flash Player (called version 9 Update 3 or v9.0.115.0 which was released on December 3, 2007).

Chapter 4 Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Chapter 5 Factored Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Chapter 6 Tracking People in Video with Rich Dynamical Priors