Knitting Projects

Welcome to my knitting page, this is where I've got bits and pieces of all my various knitting projects, lace and otherwise. I got started knitting in the summer of 1996, that thanksgiving I started a green sweater, it's still in progress. To my credit, I've got other things that I've actually finished. :)

This is the lace panel in the back of my mom's Christmas 1998 sweater, completed in January of 1999. This panel goes right up the centre of the back, with stocking stitch on either side. The two fronts of the cardigan have one half of the full pattern with the button band as the center strip. The pattern and yarn is from a Mary Maxim kit, 100% acrylic in the claret colour. Never ever again will I do an adult size sweater in sport weight yarn!

These are little socks I did one evening for kicks, they're knit just like regular socks, only with not very many stitches (worsted weight yarn). Let me tell you, turning a heel that's only got 3 stitches goes by fast!

Here's some regular sized socks I just finished for my Mom to wear as bedsocks. I wouldnt want to try and put these suckers into shoes, but they do look and feel nice and cozy.

Given less than two weeks notice of an upcoming baby shower, I zipped off a pattern well known to the Knitlist, the Five Hour Baby Sweater. Well it actually took me about 8 hours to knit up and from one 100g ball of yarn, I got the sweater and the matching bonnet, although not enough to do the edging on the bonnet. It became a soft grey that worked well enough. This got knit up in December 2001.

A friend bought me the Interweave Knits Fall 2000 issue especially for this scarf. It's a lace scarf done in pink in support of breast cancer, a really big and beautiful pink ribbon. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I decided to make one for her. Started in Nov 2001, just finished it off in January 2002. This picture is shortly before it's finished. I'll get another picture of it after washing and blocking.

The lace list (Click here for details.) had a bookmark exchange Spring 2001. I only thought to scan in one of my offerings (I sent one each to two extremely patient ladies).

This is a little doily I tossed off one evening in Feb 2000, it's cute, it's decorative. It became a thank you gift to my bobbin lace teacher for taking time out of her life to coax me along the cross and twist path.

This hankie was a gift for my cousin's wedding in July of 2000. Linen centre and then lace all around the edge, I think it was something like 80 inches of lace in the end. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

This lace piece was supposed to have been a wedding present for friends, but after it was utterly late, and a little tiny hole turned up where a thread had snapped, and we'd already gotten them something else as a wedding gift, it became mine. I'll get a better picture of the whole thing once I find the cable for the camera.

I got a hold of this little bookmark pattern off the net here and worked it up. I did 5 repeats before the pointy bit rather than 3, it was too short, IMO, otherwise.

This is the Daffodil Tea Cloth from Marianne Kinzel's Second book of Modern Lace knitting. I finished it in December 2003 and it was my mother's Christmas gift that year. She loved it, I'm happy to report. It took me a little over a year of working on it off and on to finish it.

This lace project is the Rose of England teacloth, also from Marianne Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting. It was done as part of a knit-a-long with the laceknitters group on Yahoo. I started it in late December 2003 and finished in late September 2004 It is also to be a Christmas gift for 2004.

Next project was a comedy of errors. I've always been fond of Doily with Spiral from Nurhanne's site, so I decided to do that next. Picked out some cotton from the stash and off I went. Ran out of thread, had to change colours and then utterly disliked the cast off. It is, however, done. Took me about two weeks, which is /insane/ for me, I'm usually a slow knitter. It's about 14" in diameter.

Tucked in amongst many of my other projects I also do lace suncatchers. Great way to get a quick lace fix, use up scraps of cotton and they make great gifts. I've done.. likely 15 or more over the years, but I currently only have a photo of 6 of them. The smaller ones I can do in an evening. Alright, so it's a long evening, but it can be done.

Another spiral doily. This one is adapted from an old Beehive Shawl book, and expected to be done in wool as a circular shawl. I'm doing it in cotton as a doily. It turned out pretty well, although the edging needed a complete re-do to make me happy. I keep forgetting to get a FO picture of it. That'll come eventually I promise.

Out of Marianne Kinsel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, I fell in love with the Azalea pattern. So I dug out some white cotton, grabbed handy needles and away I went. I hated it. I dont like the gague I got, I dont like how it blocked out, I dont like.. well really anything about it. It is, however, finished, blocked and at this point could become a very fancy face cloth. Hey, it's cotton!

This pattern came from the net and I couldn't find a picture of it when I dug it out of my pattern stash. So I decided to just knit it and see how it looked. Clearly, I should have looked at the pattern more closely before I decided this plan. I hate double yarn overs, this pattern is chock full of them. At least it looks nice, I suppose!

This lace project is the Balmoral teacloth, also from Marianne Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting. It was done as part of a knit-a-long with the laceknitters group on Yahoo. I started it in April 2005 and finished in May 2005. 35 days. Wow.

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