Kim Taylor, instructor at the U. Guelph Sei Do Kai.

Kim in a rare moment where someone got him to stand still. 

Nova Scotia seminar, 1990s.

Kim Taylor
44 Inkerman St
Guelph, Ontario
Canada N1H 3C5
The chief instructor of the U.G. Iaido Club is Kim Taylor who holds renshi seven dan rank in Iaido and fifth dan rank in Jodo from the Candian Kendo Federation. He is a member of the CKF Iaido grading committee, chief examiner of the CKF Jodo section, President of the Ontario Kendo Federation, associate editor of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, and editor of The Iaido Newsletter, a "little publication that could" which has gone from a local club newsletter to an internationally-distributed monthly paper and finally to an internet journal named The Iaido Journal. He publishes the Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences.

He also published the Journal of Japanese Sword Arts. This journal is now out of publication, but If you would like to purchase back issues of the Journal of Japanese Sword Arts on paper (they've got cartoons!), click the link. Kim is the author of several books and articles concerning the sword and is also the "owner" of the Iaido-l mailing list. You can purchase several of the books and videos at the sdksupplies website. 

Kim can be reached via email to KATaylor@UoGuelph.CA

Yearly Events of Note
Kim is available for seminars at your club.

Date 2008 dates or approx


Feb 16

Iaido Montreal Seminar

Feb 17

Iaido Ottawa seminar

Mar 16

Kingston kendo/iaido/jodo seminar

Apr 12

Jodo Ottawa seminar

May 16-20 (Victoria Day Weekend)

Jodo/Iaido seminar Guelph


Frederickton iaido seminar (Dave Green)

June 5-6

AUSKF iaido seminar location varies

June 9-13

Sword smithing course

July 26-27

Hillside Jodo workshop Guelph - Nikitenko

Aug 21-24

Iaido/jodo Calgary - Taylor

Sept 12-14

Jodo seminar AYC (Furukawa/Arai)

Sept 27

Rennison (U.W.) iaido/jodo demo

Oct 14-15

Ottawa iaido seminar

Oct 21-22

Thunder Bay seminar Ohmi

Nov late

West coast seminar/grading Ohmi and Taylor

Nov late

Jodo grading/seminar Toronto

Dec early

Iaido grading/seminar Toronto

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