A Few Iaido Pictures from the Sei Do Kai

Kim Taylor demonstrating the utility of common household objects for cutting practice. Photo And a bit more of the same, different victim.


Ray Sensei (Texas, ZNIR),left, and Ohmi Sensei (Toronto, ZNKR) compare the fine points of MJER Iaido styles between the two federations. Photo  
Photo Ohmi Sensei demonstrating the utility of uncommon hotel lobby objects for cutting practice. Photo
Carole Galligan (in white) and Sandra Jorgensen (black) at the 95 Sei Do Kai Summer Seminar
  Photo Lauren Taylor, Sei Do Kai's 2nd youngest member, at about 1 yr old (she's now 4 1/2 and has a 2 year old brother, Liam.)
Bizen Yokoyama Sword display at the Toronto Sword Show. Photo  
Tanaka sensei teaching atarashii naginata a the 1998 Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts Ohmi sensei and Ray sensei comparing notes (yet again!).
1998 May seminar with Haruna sensei, Niten Ichi-ryu class. Migi waki-gamae the initial position of Nito Seiho #5. Haruna sensei demonstrating to Kim why it's a really good idea to keep your posture upright, and your chin tucked in. The finishing movement of #3, Gedan. The shoto suppresses the opponent's daito, the daito cuts into the triceps.

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