The Iaido Newsletter

The Iaido Newsletter, or TIN, was a publication dedicated to the Arts of the Japanese Sword, particularly Iaido, but Kendo, Kenjutsu, and the craft and care of swords are often topics. 

TIN began as a club newsletter for the University of Guelph Sei Do Kai Iaido Club. Distribution began to increase to other Ontario clubs, and eventually TIN made it to every continent but the Antarctic. And we were looking for a distributor there! 

TIN was mailed by its editor, Kim Taylor to regional redistributors, who copied and redistributed it locally. TIN was also distributed electronically, though in a text-only format, via email list, and then by our e-mail listserver, IAIDO-L

To read the last issues of TIN on-line, click here
The entire print run is available in book form here

TIN is no longer published, having been subsumed into The Iaido Journal published by EJMAS

If you are interested in more information on TIN, feel free to contact Kim Taylor at

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