Haruna sensei Seminar Bursary

Matsuo Haruna, photo from Kendo Nihon.

The Sei Do Kai would like to announce the Haruna sensei Seminar Bursary (Haruna Scholarship) which will be for the May jodo/iaido seminar held each year at the University of Guelph, Canada on the Victoria Day weekend.. Click Here for details. http://seidokai.ca/iai_harunascholarship.html

The Bursary goes to one (1) student in each iaido dojo attending the seminar. This student will be selected by the head of the dojo and will be someone who would not normally attend the seminar due to financial constraints.

The award covers admission to the seminar but not transportation, food or lodging.

Matsuo Haruna sensei always encouraged wider participation in the arts in general and the seminar in particular. This award is intended to increase participation in the seminar so special consideration should be given to those students who have never attended before. Recipients may be at any skill level. Eligible dojo will not be restricted by region, and may be from any country worldwide.

To receive the bursary the recipient must write a short article on iaido, and their sensei must provide a cover letter outlining the student's training background and the reasons that student was chosen. The article may be published in "The Iaido Journal" http://ejmas.com/tin/

Instructors are not eligible for this award, but may still take advantage of the 6 for 5 "bring your sensei for free" deal which has been in effect for several years.

Applications for the award must be received by the last day of April so please don't delay in emailing to kataylor@sdksupplies.com or:

Kim Taylor
44 Inkerman St
Guelph Ont
Canada N1H 3C5

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Updated Feb 25, 2014

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