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  Top Japanese Martial Arts Instructors  in North America Coming to Guelph

                                           - Kim Taylor, Guelph Ontario


The University of Guelph is best known for its biological sciences but every July flesh and fur gives way to wood and steel. For three days the top martial artists in a variety of hard to find Japanese martial arts involving the bow, sword, spear and stick assemble to share their knowledge and to demonstrate their skills. The Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts begins July 19 with half a day of Niten Ichi-ryu, the sword art of Miyamoto Musashi. That evening there will be an academic presentation on various aspects of teaching the martial arts, and then the next two days will see students learning kyudo (Japanese archery), naginata (glaive), tessen and jutte (small stick weapons), jodo (the four foot staff) and of course the sword. On Saturday evening July 20, there will be a two hour public demonstration by the students and instructors from 7-9pm.

The event is designed to introduce students to the classical martial art styles of the Japanese Samurai and to allow the instructors to share their knowledge with each other. Some of the featured teachers for 2002 include Goyo Ohmi, a 7dan sword instructor and head of the iaido section of the Canadian Kendo Federation, Sachiko Yamauchi, holder of the top rank possible in the All Japan Naginata Federation, Phil Ortiz, a senior instructor in Kyudo from NYC, Don Cunningham, author and instructor in the small police weaponry of the Japanese Samurai era, Mike Alexanian, head of the Tamiya-ryu iaido school in the United States, Kuniko Kinoshita, head of Jikishinkan Eishin-ryu iaido in Canada and many more experts.

Organizing the event each year is Kim Taylor, founder of the University of Guelph’s Sei Do Kai, a martial arts club largely devoted to the study of Japanese sword, though over the years he’s moved into other traditional arts, like the Japanese staff art, known as ‘Jodo’, and a very rare school of swording known as the ‘Hyo Ho Niten Ichi-ryu’ (two heavens as one school of strategy) that was developed by Miyamoto Musashi, author of the "Book of Five Rings" and Japan's most famous swordsman. The school dates from the early 1600s and its most distinctive feature is its use of two swords at once. Taylor now holds a 6dan (black belt rank) in iaido, and is head of the jodo section of the Canadian Kendo Federation.

If you want be a part of this July's samurai training, contact Kim Taylor for all the details,  including how to get to Guelph, accommodations, and seminar fees. Information can  also be found at this website:

Feel free to use this information in your own publications. Contact Kim Taylor for assistance or further details. 

Kim Taylor
44 Inkerman St
Guelph Ont
N1H 3C5
fax 519-836-9873


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