Soldering, Programming, and Robot Building - by Angus 21 Nov 2015


On Thursday Nov, 19, 2015 we held our first event with the WiSE club. We had 60 people come and learn how to solder for the free portion of the event, and 27 people purchase a custom designed robotics kit. The kits let students experiment with programming, circuits and control theory in building their own inverted pendulum balancing bot. Click here for the slides and resources related to the event.

Guelph Cup - by Angus 13 Oct 2015


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We have acquired 10 Freescale Cup (TFC) cars so look out for winter fun. The cars can be programmed with Matlab/Simulink, C, or C++ and are used to race around a track marked with a solid black line on a white background.

More information about the Freescale Cup: University Programs

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