My research interests have comprised several areas over the last decade. The first one relates to environmental politics and policy in Latin America. Early in my academic career, I carried out research on the process of environmental policymaking in Mexico, with a particular focus on forestry policy implementation in the Lacandone rainforest in the south-eastern state of Chiapas.

I have also written on the relationship between globalization and environmental degradation in developing countries. In collaboration with the late Professor O.P. Dwivedi, I have assembled an edited collection on the effects of growing economic and social integration on the natural environments of eleven countries of the Global South. This study was published by Broadview Press (now under The University of Toronto Press).

My third area of interest is in security and defence. Within this area I have studied civil-military relations in Latin America as well as security relations in North America, with particular attention to the elusive 'North American security perimeter.'

The fourth area is on public policy making in Latin America. My colleague Susan Franceschet (University of Calgary) and I completed a project, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), on an effort to study policymaking in Latin America in a more systematic way. Specifically, we looked at the extent to which concepts and theories designed to study public policy in the Global North are applicable to the study of policymaking in Latin America given its historical, cultural and political realities. The results of this project, which assembles the work of senior and junior scholars from across North and Latin America, as well as Europe, have been published by The University of Toronto Press in Comparative Public Policy in Latin America.

The fifth, and most recent, area of research looks at the politics of gay and lesbian rights in Latin America. I have just completed a project, also funded by SSHRC, that explains variance in the expansion of marriage rights to gays and lesbian in Latin America by looking at Argentina, Chile and Mexico. The results will be published by Cambridge University Press.

As my most recent book goes to press, I embark on a new project on the judicialization of sexual and productive rights in Latin America. This study will look at the cases of Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.


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