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We are devoted to linking the internal working of a plant cell to its exterior form and function. The lab uses many beautiful plants and cell-types, scintillating "living colours", state-of-the art live-cell imaging and documentation techniques to generate molecular-genetic and cell biological information on plant development and interactions.

Our motto is "Fascination before Education"

Featured Publication

Chloroplast behaviour and interactions with other organelles in Arabidopsis thaliana pavement cells.
Barton et al. in Journal of Cell Science 2017. doi: 10.1242/jcs.202275

Michael WoznyCongratulations to Michael Wozny on obtaining a M.Sc. degree for fundamental studies on sub-cellular responses in plants. Thesis - "Subcellular Responses of Plant Cells to Phosphate Starvation and Exogenous Sucrose Supply"
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