The Gryphon’s start the season with three all-star’s – Milne, Pankerichan and Moscatelli plus fourth year long bomber Mott.  Three of these players have been together for four years so this is their last chance to make an impact at the national level.  It appears second year player Petrella will round out the starting five.  While there is a lot of talent among these five players the team will be extremely small.  The first player off the bench will be McCarthy who ads a bit of size and will make an impact as a freshman.  Bering will be counted on against opponents with size but the four position remains a weak spot for the Gryphon’s.  It is not obvious if any player further down the bench will contribute many minutes but MacNeil has played well on occasion.  The success of the season rests heavily on the wonky knee of Moscatelli who needs to get back to last year’s early season form for the Gryphon’s to challenge the best.  The team’s fortunes will also ride on their ability to hit the open three – this means they will win a couple of games they shouldn’t and lose a couple they shouldn’t.  It is tough to make the case for the Gryphon’s finishing in front of Western and Windsor but as Bill Russell said, “that is why they play the games.”  I’d really like to make a trip to Ottawa in March, Gryphon’s need to be no worse than 6-2 at Christmas to keep that hope alive which means no stumbles at home and some key road victories. 



  1. Western           17-5
  2. Windsor          16-6    
  3. Guelph            13-9
  4. McMaster        12-10  
  5. Brock              11-11
  6. Waterloo           8-14
  7. Lakehead          6-16
  8. Laurier   6-16


1.   Western           19-3

2.   Windsor          15-7

3.   McMaster        13-9

4.   Guelph            10-12

5.   Waterloo         10-12

6.   Laurier   9-13

7.   Brock                8-14

8. Lakehead            6-16