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Awareness, Balance, Choice (ABC)
By Jessica Forster

Having a few drinks at the local bar or pub with friends is often equated with university life. These experiences can be fun, safe, and enjoyable if the necessary precautions are taken. At the University of Guelph, Awareness Balance Choice (ABC) is a group of staff and students, dedicated to raising awareness and initiating education about responsible drinking habits. Our objective is to create a safe and accepting environment for those who chose to drink or not to drink. We provide information on healthy decisions regarding alcohol, tips for party planning, recipes for non-alcoholic drinks, and information on how to help an intoxicated friend. If you would like to volunteer with ABC or obtain some alcohol-related resources, call the Wellness Centre at ext. 53327 or drop by the Wellness Centre, on the 2nd floor of the J.T Powell Building next to the Athletic Centre.