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Career Services:
Choosing Your Career Adventure

Career Services would like to welcome you to the University of Guelph. In the next few weeks, you will may spending a lot of time on the third floor of the University Centre, so why not drop by for a visit and see what we have to offer.

We are part of Student Life and Career Services and offer many services to help you explore the opportunities available to you. Our centre houses books, software and videos on topics ranging from job hunting, career planning, resume writing and employer profiles, just to name a few. Our peers will give you a tour of the centre and tell you about the programs we offer. All you have to do is ask!

It's important to visit us early and often to find out about opportunities that are available. Every day we have new information coming in about summer, full and part time jobs, work experience programs and registration deadlines for programs such as Teacher's College as well as other graduate and professional schools.

There are lots of ways we can help you with what may seem like a tough balancing act of learning and planning for your future. Here are a few situations that Career Services can help you navigate.

You want a part-time or summer job to finance your studies.
We can point you in the right direction by showing you how to access job posting on WorkopolisCampus and our On Campus Recruiting websites. As well, we can show you resource materials that are available or point you in the direction of the person you need to talk to on campus.

You are studying something you love, but you're not sure if you're heading in the right direction.
You can make use of our career software and career assessment testing to identify interests and skills you might like to use. You can also look at our resources to see what other people did with a similar degree.

You know exactly what you want to do.
We have the tools and planning resources you need to get there - whether it's resume writing, interview skills or information about graduate programs and admission tests.

As you may now realize, Career Services is not just about finding jobs. We can help you with skills development too. We have programs running all year long on topics such as resume and cover letter writing as well interviewing strategies and job search techniques. Our staff works closely with employers, so we know what kinds of skills they are looking for and can help you get ready for the workplace.

Don't forget, our central office is located on the third floor of the University Centre. You can also reach us at ext. 52213, or by email at:

Good luck with your university adventure and don't forget that Career Services wants to help you get the most out of your university experience. Why not let us help you today?


  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Work Search
  • Surfing for Work
  • Self Employment
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Personal preferences and strengths)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (Interests relating to occupations)


  • Individual resume and cover letter critiques
  • Mock interview critiques
  • Career Counselling
  • Part time, summer, and permanent job postings


  • Educational calendars, directories
  • Graduate entrance exam information
  • Occupational information
  • Career planning guides
  • Work search materials
  • Employer information
  • Job listing publications
  • CD Roms/videos
  • Computer software programs/exclusive internet resources
  • Student webstations for job search use
  • GriffNotes on a variety of topics
  • Ask for a tour

    Internet Resources:

  • WorkopolisCampus (
    - internet based employment services for Guelph students and alumni
  • WorkNet on Campus (
    - interactive website to assist Guelph students with their own career development
  • On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) (
    -job postings of employers recruiting on the Guelph campus
  • Career Services Website (
    - links to a variety of career planning and work search sites helpful to Guelph students
  • Ask for passwords at Student Life and Career Services, level 3 UC, ext.52213


  • Part-time On-Campus Job Fair, First week of classes,
  • Canada's largest University/College CAREER FAIR
  • Beyond Graduation: Educational Opportunities Fair
  • Ontario Faculties of Education Visits
  • Specialized Career Fairs during the fall and winter semesters