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What's There to Say About Your CSA?
Getting to Know Your Student Union

If you're an undergraduate at Guelph, then this is your organization. It's that simple. The Central Student Association (CSA) is the undergrad student union here at U of G. As an undergraduate student, you are a member of the CSA and pay around $16 per semester. The CSA provides a multitude of services and assistance to try and make your time here at Guelph fun, safe and affordable.

The CSA represents undergrad students on many issues; on campus, in the community and on a provincial and federal level. We fight for your rights as students for an education that is accessible and affordable.

We offer advocacy on numerous issues. If you're having problems within the academic system, with your landlord, have issues with OSAP or human rights concerns, then we can help you through the system. Just drop by our office on the second floor of the UC.

Our office offers the cheapest photocopies and faxes on campus, and we also have a printer-cartridge refill service. Look for the CSA's largest venture to date; "The Ring" (the old Bullring), opening in early October 2003 across from the new Classroom Complex. We're also a part of THE website for U of G students, your online student community that includes everything from used textbook sales (over 24000 books posted last year!!!), online discussion boards, news and opinion articles about what's going on here and around the world.

The CSA also administers the undergraduate health and dental plans, as well as your universal bus pass, which gets you on any buses in Guelph at any time. We run the Safewalk program, getting you to and from anywhere on campus safely (just call x53200).

The CSA also runs programming throughout the year. Every week we put on Sunday Night Cinema, bringing you new movies at cheap prices. There are also free concerts, poster and book sales, speakers and much much more. Check out the programming section of our website for an updated list of what's going on (

The work of the CSA is carried out by a dedicated team of staff, board members and executive. The board and exec are elected for a one-year term to work for you. This year's executive commissioners are:

  • Academic Commissioner - Jenn Watt (x56742,
    -dealing with all things academic
  • Communications Commissioner - J-me Allen (x56376,
    -YOUR promotions and communications kid, look out for him in a classroom near you!
  • External Commissioner - Ryan White (x58328,
    -dealing with provincial and federal issues, including rising tuition and world issues
  • Local Affairs Commissioner - Erika Gates (x54407,
    -your link to the city of Guelph, and there to help with landlord problems
  • Operations & Finance Commissioner - Sean Field (x54408,
    -There to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly
    If you have any questions about your student union, e-mail, check out our web site at or drop by our office.