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Is your drinking causing problems with your schoolwork or relationships with friends, parents or partners? If so, the DrinkWise program could be for you! 25 years of extensive research has shown that you can change your drinking habits!

In the program:

  • you will develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with your drinking
  • you will learn specific skills so you can identify situations where you are at risk of drinking too much
  • you will learn coping strategies to avoid drinking too much
  • you can choose abstinence or moderation as your goal

    There is a fee of $35 for the program, which is subsidized by Student Health Services. The fee includes an initial assessment interview and four one-on-one educational sessions that are facilitated by a trained DrinkWise program provider.

    To speak confidentially with Marlene Pfaff, one of our DrinkWise counselors, call ext. 56150.