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First Response Team
By Andrea Clark

What is the First Response Team (FRT)?
The University of Guelph First Response Team is a student-run, not-for-profit volunteer organization and a division of St. John Ambulance. Its mission is to provide basic life support and first aid services to the University of Guelph community and to uphold the mandate of St. John Ambulance: for the service of humankind. It serves to complement emergency services at the university and to support the staff of Security Services, Athletics and special events. On top of all that, FRT is a fun community of students who like to get involved in campus life and be part of a team. Through FRT there are many opportunities for leadership and skills development in the area of first aid.

What is the main role of the FRT on the university campus?
The team strives to make the campus a safer place for students, staff, faculty and visitors by acting as an intermediary between the university community and local Emergency Medical System professionals. We recognize that in an instance where a patient is not breathing, or has suffered extreme trauma, the sooner that patient receives trained assistance the more likely they are to recover. As first responders, we act to promptly activate the Emergency Medical System and to provide assistance before the arrival of ambulance services. The First Response Team also administers first aid to individuals in instances where minor injury requires attention, but ambulatory care is not deemed necessary.

What else is the FRT involved in?
On top of our regular on-call service, the FRT offers several opportunities and services to the students of the university and the team's first responders. First, the role of the FRT extends to First Aid education and prevention; therefore, it provides St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR training for the campus community. The team also organizes events, such as the annual CPR-a-thon, to promote public awareness of health, safety and emergency scene management.

The First Response Team aims to provide involvement and leadership opportunities for students and responders, and to continually adapts its training and resources to meet the growing needs of the University of Guelph community. To maintain a high-level of first aid proficiency and patient care, the FRT first responders participate in ongoing training sessions throughout the school year.

How can I get involved?
The FRT recruits in September of each year, and looks for motivated students with great teamwork skills. Applicants must hold Standard First Aid and CPR-level C certifications. If you are interested, look for an application form at our website,, or pick one up at Raithby House in Branion Plaza. Applications are due Friday September 12, 2003; selection and mandatory training weekends will be held September 19-21 and September 27 and 28.

If you are interested in participating in one of our First Aid and CPR courses, look for a listing of dates on our website or e-mail

Please direct any questions or comments to our administrative line at x58488.