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Feeling blue? Missing your pet dog? Craving a home-cooked meal? Homesickness - it can happen to anyone. For many students, going to university means leaving behind familiar people and places. All of the new experiences and changes that are part of the transition to university may lead to feelings of homesickness. However, experiencing new things and surroundings can also be viewed in a positive light - it represents new growth. You are embarking on a new journey! Although homesickness usually disappears over time, here are some tips for how to deal with homesickness at university:

1. Stay on-campus as much as possible during your first month of school - there are A LOT of activities going on.
2. Volunteer for a project, job, or club on-campus. You're likely to meet some fun people with similar interests.
3. Get active! Get to know the Athletics Centre - take an aqua-fit class. Go for a jog or walk off-campus - explore the downtown core.
4. Be open to meeting new people and trying new things, but be patient, friendships take time to develop.
5. Call, write, and/or email family and/or friends.
6. In your room, put up pictures of your old friends, house, parents, siblings, and pets, to create a more warm and comfortable atmosphere.
7. Try to say hello to a new person (e.g., in residence, class, or at the gym) each day. They may be feeling homesick too!
8. Laugh! Use humour to help put a positive spin on intimidating or embarrassing experiences.
9. Don't try to bury feelings of homesickness. Feelings of loneliness don't go away by drinking and/or partying too hard. Reach out and talk to someone you can trust.
10. Be patient with yourself. University life is an adventure - but in time, you will settle in.

If symptoms related to homesickness persist, you may want to share your concerns with someone at Student Support Network, Counselling services, or the Wellness Centre. Student Support Netwok is located in Raithby House and is open for drop-ins 12pm-12am Monday to Friday. To book an appointment with Counselling Services call extension 53244 or visit the 3rd floor of the U.C.