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Interhall Council

Interhall Council (IHC) is the residence student government here at the University of Guelph. In 1969, residence halls were being rapidly constructed and because of the need for unity and representation, Interhall Council was formed. IHC has been representing residence students for over 30 years!

Interhall is comprised of 6 central executive members, 12 Hall Presidents and 42 Hall executives. The presidents and central executive meet each week to discuss Hall and Campus issues. As well, each President meets weekly with their Hall Executive and Hall Council. Interhall then branched, in an attempt to reach all students living in residence to provide a means to address their concerns to the University administration and other Campus organizations. This residence system is the largest per capita in all of Canada! Each specific hall has council meetings which are open for any resident in that building to attend and take part in. Here students are empowered to organize events, partake in meaningful discussions, and become involved from a hall perspective.

The duties of council members include:

  • advocating on behalf of residents through participation on over thirty university committees.
  • communicating with their constituent student groups, the University administration, the community and other student groups.
  • fostering leadership in residence halls.
  • organizing educational, cultural and social events within each hall and throughout campus.
  • IHC also represents the University of Guelph at provincial and international residence association conferences.

    Interhall Council also produces a residence student newspaper entitled Herd the Word which is delivered to your residence mailbox four to five times a year.

    GRHH (Guelph Residence Hall Honorary) is a component of IHC. This program strives to recognize the positive contributions of people to the residence community. Various groups/individuals are recognized each month from areas such as hall council, residence life staff, cleaning/maintenance staff, hospitality staff and others.

    Often, students coming to university are confused and intimidated when confronted with the idea of living in residence for the first time. IHC exists to ensure that students living in residence feel at home. In each of the 12 residence halls on campus, there is a Hall President and Executive along with Residence Assistants. From day one, the members of IHC are out getting to know people in residence. Often, the first person you'll meet on move in day is an IHC member. Throughout the year IHC plans many diverse social events giving residents the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new things and have a great time. Events are often geared towards specific buildings, allowing students in that building to get to know the people next door, down the hall and up the stairs. There are also larger events run between halls and across campus where residents are able to meet others from across campus.

    We strive to make your residence experience a memorable and enjoyable one! Take the initiative and become involved!