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Peer Helper Program
By Emilie Hayes

Peer Helpers are a wonderful part of the University of Guelph campus, whether you are hoping to get involved or looking for some assistance as you navigate your way through university life!

I'm sure you have many questions about what the University of Guelph is all about and how on earth you will steer your way around all of buildings and through all of the people, plan your courses, locate your classes, all the while trying to settle in a new home!

Well, rest assured, there are many trained students on campus prepared to help you with your 'adventure' of university life! There is an amazing program in place to provide support from students to other students; and it's called the Peer Helper Program! From point A to point Z and everything in between, you will find Peer Helpers along the way. The Centre for New Students can answer all of your questions as you begin your journey, and as you continue on your trek, you will find that Peer Helpers are everywhere at Guelph! Giving information every day at the Connection Desk in the University Centre, offering workshops at the Learning Commons in the Library, helping you to get involved on and off campus in the Student Life Office, informing you about healthy living in the Wellness Centre, and as you end your university journey, Peers in Career Services can prepare you for work; these and many more Peer Helping units are here for you everyday.

Once you are settled, you may decide that you want to get involved in helping others to choose their adventure by becoming a Peer yourself! There are many rewards for you as a University of Guelph Peer Helper, such as excellent professional training, an honorarium each semester, and the pride of being part of the biggest and best Peer Helper program in Canada! You can make a difference to hundreds of students, especially those who are just finding their way on campus. Being a Peer offers you an exciting road to explore with new experiences, new skills, and many new friends. It's students helping students, and you're welcome to join our team!

Peer Helper Program: Students Helping Students
The University of Guelph's Peer Helper Program offers students opportunities to gain personal and career-related skills while serving their university community.

What do Peer Helpers Do?
There are currently approximately 200 Peer Helper on the University of Guelph campus who help students by: connecting them to information, people and places, assisting with the design and delivery of programs and services, working on specific skill development tasks, liaisons amongst students, staff and faculty. Depending on the nature of their involvement, Peer Helpers receive an honorarium of $200, $400, or $600 each semester. Senior Peer and practicum opportunities also exist in many areas

Where are Peer Helpers involved?
Athletics Student Leadership Program Career Services Wellness Centre CSA Centre for International Programs Info Desk OVC Learning Commons Connection Desk Centre for Students with Disabilities Citizenship Education Program and many more!

To find out how you can get involved and become a Peer Helper contact:
The Peer Helper Program Student Life Office
Student Life and Career Services
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext 52782
Web Site: