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The Rules of Rez
By Rebecca Keating

Welcome to an experience like no other! Congratulations on making an exciting and rewarding choice - Residence Life. All of us at Student Housing are glad you're here and we all hope that you will enjoy your stay in residence. Meeting new friends, learning to live in a different environment - you'll be experiencing many new and wonderful things. Yet living in residence comes with a few necessary rules and regulations, and we've highlighted most of them in the following list....

All exterior doors to the residence buildings are locked 24-hours-a-day to ensure personal and property safety and security! Avoid propping doors open and use your discretion when allowing others to enter the building. If doors are propped open, CLOSE THEM.

In an emergency (fire or other), all residence must evacuate the building and follow the directions of the Student Housing Staff or Emergency Services personnel.

For safety reasons, all guests in residence must be registered with Student Housing Staff. Your guest is your responsibility. See your RA for a Guest Card.

Each resident has their own room and mailbox key. Don't loan your keys to others. If you lose your keys, or they are stolen, your keys must be replaced and the locks must be changed for safety reasons. This mishap will cost you approximately $65.00 - try to avoid it! Note: If you lock yourself out more than 3 times, it will cost you $2.00 to sign out a key every time after that.

We try to make you feel at home while in residence, but as in every community, unfortunately thefts do occur. Always lock your door when you leave your room, no matter how soon you intend to be back and never leave your belongings unattended (this means places like the Library too).

Beer bottles are a safety hazard in residence due to broken glass. The consumption of beer beverages in bottles is prohibited in ANY residence environment.

The burning of all candles/incense is prohibited unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time for special circumstances (eg. religious holidays).

Smoking is not permitted in any of the residences. Smoking pavillions are provided close to various residences.

Short on space in your room? Consider keeping your bike in your hall's bicycle room (check at your residence desk).
NOTE: Bicycles are not to be stored in any common areas.

All sports equipment (eg. hockey equipment, football equipment) is to be stored in the individuals room or, if your building is equipped with one, in a designated area. No equipment should be stored in any common areas.

SHS encourages you to obtain insurance, as the university cannot be responsible for damages or theft of your property. You may be covered under the home insurance policy of your parent or guardian - check it out.

Student Housing Services employs a staff of over 100 student Residence Assistants who play many roles, one of which is to check your hall for safety hazards and monitor the living environment (like NOISE), so it's comfortable for everyone to live there. As senior students, they will listen to any concerns or problems you may have - personal or otherwise.

Almost every hall has a Residence Desk. You can ask questions about residence, the campus, or use any of the services it provides, like: emergency key sign-out; board games; weight room keys; and much more. Ask your Desk staff what they have to offer.

It can be done! If you're having trouble turning friends away from your door, try closing it. If this doesn't work, use the Study Rooms available in every Hall. For advice and information from students who've learned to study successfully in rez, call Learning Commons (X53632).

If you have special needs (like diabetic needle or colostomy bag disposal etc.) you can get help by speaking in confidence with either your Residence Manager or one of the Student Health Services personnel. U of G Student Health Services provides insulin-dependent diabetic students with biomedical waste containers upon request.