Living@Guelph - Choose Your Own Adventure Living
Ways to Save Money

1. If you live in residence, make a deal with your parents/family/friends or anyone who you call a lot to share a long distance plan and have them call you back whenever you call. This will save on long distance charges on your rez phone bill.

2. Shop at department stores for socks and underwear.

3. Do a secret festive friend with friends or family on holidays to save on buying gifts for everyone.

4. Take advantage of free pens, sticky pads, etc.

5. If there is a free meal at an event, consider attending.

6. Take advantage of any opportunities of getting paid for helping out undergraduate or graduate research.

7. Buy items you use often in bulk.

8. If you live in East convert your meal plan to an off campus one.

9. If you live off-campus and eat on campus a lot, save money by purchasing an off-campus meal card. (Be careful, this makes it easier to spend more on food without noticing).

10. Get water from the fountain in a refillable bottle instead of buying pop or pre-bottled water.

11. Bring packages of apple cider, tea or chocolate to the library with you. If you are craving a warm beverage purchase hot water at the UC and save money.

12. Free condoms are available at the Wellness Centre.

13. Have a video movie night with friends instead of going to the movie theatre.

14. If going out for dinner off campus, order an appetizer as a meal and order a refillable drink.

15. If you have money sitting around consider investing it.

16. Monitor you ATM withdrawals so you don't wonder where all your money went.

17. Keep track of your money and write down every purchase you make, this will make you aware of any unnecessary purchases.

18. If you are paying for entertainment one night, only bring the amount of money you want to spend with you.

19. Purchase your gym membership on campus and save money. Also, swimming, skating and rec time are free at the AC. Check the RecreACTION book for details.

20. Use coupons for things that you were going to purchase anyways, especially those from Hospitality Services.

21. Use scrap paper to take notes on in class.

22. Photocopy cheaply at the CSA.

23. Beware of store points cards (optimum, air miles, HBC) they can influence you to purchase unnecessary items.

24. Buy your school supplies in bulk and on sale.

25. Buy toilet paper in bulk.

26. Take the bus or the magic bus instead of a cab.

27. Try to avoid paying interest on your credit card by paying off every month what you've put on it the month before.

28. Opt-out of your dental plan if you already are covered by another insurance plan.

29. Free birth control pills available through Student Health Services.

30. Pay tuition on time with post-dated checks to avoid late fees.

31. Selling textbooks you aren't going to use again at the end of the semester.

32. Buy used textbooks from other students or from the bookstores on campus.

33. The Guelph Public Library cards are free and allows you access to videos and CD's. Also, some required books for courses may be available for loan.

34. Buy fruit and veggies from the community Co-op Garden Fresh Box or the Guelph Farmer's Market. Organic food is also available at the Market.

35. Attend the Music Festivals in Guelph which have a wide variety of music, start with the Jazz Festival in early September. Much cheaper than travelling to large cities for expensive concerts.