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The Wellness Education Training Troupe (WETT)

Upon arriving at university, students from diverse backgrounds and experiences are faced with many new challenges both inside and outside the classroom. The Wellness Education Training Troupe (WETT) is a group of student volunteers who are committed to educating their fellow students on a variety of social and wellness issues. Some of these include sexual assault, body image, discrimination and stereotyping, alcohol and drug use, homophobia and heterosexism, communication in relationships, and many more. WETT uses a presentation tool called Social Action Theatre. After the volunteer actors play out a situation, the audience has an opportunity to participate in a facilitated talkback session, where they can ask questions of the characters and expand on the learning opportunity surrounding the issues presented.

WETT performs on and off campus, for students at all levels, twelve months of the year! You may see Let's Monkey Around during Orientation Week, if so, this is one of the examples of what WETT is all about. If you would like to get involved in the troupe or would like to invite WETT to perform for your group or class, drop by the Wellness Centre or call the WETT Coordinator at ext. 53327.