Year Societal/Cultural Change            Source

1941  Managerial Revolution   	Burnham Managerial Revolution  

1950 Cybernetics Wiener Human Use of Human Beings

1950 Lonely Crowd Riesman Lonely Crowd

1956 Organization Man Whyte Organizational Man

1958 Consumer Society Galbraith Affluent Society

1959 Two Cultures Snow Two Cultures and the

Scientific Revoution

1960 Environmentalism Carson Silent Spring

1960 End of Ideology Bell End of Ideology

1962 Paradigm Shift Kuhn Structure of Scientific Revolution

1963 Atomic Age Atomic Scientists The Atomic Age

1964 Global Village McLuhan Understanding Media

1964 Technological Society Ellul Technological Society

1968 Postmodern Society Etzioni The Active Society

1970 Leisure Society Parker Future of Work and Leisure

1972 Sustainable Development Club of Rome Limits to Growth

1973 Post-Industrial Society Bell Coming of Post-Industrial Society

1977 Information Economy Porat Information Economy

1979 Computer Age Dertousoz & Moses The Computer Age

1980 Third Wave Toffler Third Wave

1983 Third World Worsley Three Worlds

1986 Information Age Beniger Control Revolution

1990 Information Age Toffler Powershift

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