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The Huron County bookmobile Miss 
Huron came into service in 1947 at a cost of $3000. It was a one-ton 
van that carried about 1,000 books.

The Electronic HistoryFile:
Canadian Library
Biographies and Histories


As Canadian libraries develop a presence on the Internet, it is only natural that they will provide historical information about their development and about the people who were instrumental in library work. These histories have the capability of integrating text and graphics and the potential to utilize audio and video. Since 1995, a number of libraries in across Canada have developed historical web content.

The pages collected here represent public, university, college, special, and school library histories as well as biographical information on Canadians that provides substantive historical information.


Public Libraries

Academic Libraries

Special  Libraries

Other Histories


Public Libraries

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Academic Libraries



Special Libraries: Government and Industry

Other Histories of Libraries, Library Education and Organizations

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