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Free Books for All: The Public Library Movement in Ontario, 1850-1930 (1994). Request below ($35)

Places to Grow: Public Libraries and Communities in Ontario, 1930-2000 (2010). Request below ($35).

Public Library Boards in Postwar Ontario, 1945-85 (2012). Request below ($15).


Photographic Essay on Edwardian Ontario Libraries. My short discussion about the value of historical photographs in revisiting turn-of-the-century public libraries presented to the Canadian Library Association library history meeting at Edmonton in June 1989.

My speech, Public Libraries and the Information Age, delivered at Kitchener Public Library to mark Library Week in Ontario during October 1995.

bullet My biographical entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography for William O. Carson, Ontario's Inspector of Public Libraries from 1916-29.

bullet The article on "Libraries" revised for the second ed. in 1998 of the Canadian Encyclopedia and written with Margaret Beckman and Moshie Dahms.

bullet My article “The Public Libraries Bill, 1852,” Ex Libris Association Newsletter 42 (Fall 2007): 15-18.

bullet My article “Alexander Morris’ Public Library Bill, 1866,” Ex Libris Association Newsletter 44 (Fall 2008): 10-13.

bullet My article "Canadian Subscription Libraries, 1775-1850."


Is the traditional role of the library in print culture threatened by the proliferation of electronic sources and the convergence of telecommunications and computers in worldwide networks? Listen to my CBC interview with Cross Country Checkup's host, Rex Murphy, broadcast on 19 March 1995 [recorded as a compressed .wav file].

A presentation on Egerton Ryerson's public library system [PDF] based in schools that continued for a quarter century after 1850, a first effort to provide tax-supported public libraries in Ontario. Presented at OLA Super Conference 2007.

A presentation on Pre-Confederation Public Libraries [PDF] in Canada West that includes various types of libraries available for public use prior to 1867.Presented at CLA in St. Johns in 2007.

A presentation on county and regional library systems [PDF] from the 1930s to 1960s in Ontario. Presented at the Ontario Library Association's 2009 Super Conference.

A presentation on The use of radio by Canadian public libraries [PDF] to reach listeners and users in the 1930s and 1940s. Presented at CLA, Vancouver, 2008.

A presentation about the The development of local history collections [PDF] in Ontario public libraries in the twentieth century. Presented at Kitchener Public Library, 2009.

A presentation on the building of Centennial public libraries in Ontario [PDF], the second largest building boom in Canadian library history. Presented at OLA, 2008.

A presentation on Canadian subscription libraries from the Atlantic to Pactific that were created before 1850, Private Libraries for the Public [PDF]. Presented at CLA, 2015.

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