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Brantford Public Library

Opened in July 1904

Brantford men's reading room, c.1906, with fireplace, electric ceiling and table lights, hot water heating, oak chairs and tables

Brantford established a free public library in 1884 and occupied space in the Heyd Block adjacent to the post office until July 1904, when the library moved into a new building on George Street across from Victoria Park. This building was financed by a Carnegie grant of $35,000. The library featured a dome and 24 steps at its front entrance. It was designed as a closed stack building by the Hamilton architectural firm: Stewart, Stewart & Taylor.

Main floor: men's and ladies' reading rooms, stack room, librarian's office, reference room, catalogue room, charge desk and delivery area.

Size: 96 ft. x 77 ft

Source: Archives of Ontario, S-2027

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