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Eastern Institute Meeting

Ottawa, 17 Nov. 1909

To encourage library growth, early organizers in the Ontario Library Association divided Ontario into districts for the purpose of holding regional meetings, called institutes, after 1907. At these annual, one-day meetings practical workshops and discussions were held, e.g. on binding, and policy considerations debated. Often the most lasting accomplishments were the informal friendships struck by the delegates during social breaks and outings.

The Eastern Institute held in 1909 was typical: delegates were invited from libraries surrounding Ottawa and special invitations were extended as far as Montreal and Toronto. The following program was chaired by Otto Klotz, Jr., an Ottawa trustee:

Most delegates can be identified: 1) Otto Klotz, Chairman, Ottawa; 2) Charles Gould, Librarian, McGill; 3) L.J. Burpee, Librarian, Ottawa; 4) Mary Saxe, Librarian, Westmount; 5) Walter R. Nursery, Inspector; 6) E.A. Hardy, Lindsay; 7) A.E. Proulx, Ottawa; 8) [Pierre] De Crevecoeur, Fraser Institute; 9) Hadley Bridge, Almonte; 10) ?, Perth; 11) Mlle. Major, Ottawa; 12) Mme. Cusson (Thinel), Ottawa; 13) Elizabeth Sutherland, Sec. to Lib., Ottawa; 14) A.A. Masson, Ottawa; 15) Linda Clark, Cornwall; 16) Ruby Rothwell, Children's Cataloguer, Ottawa; 17) S.E. Drysdale, Children's Circulating Dept., Ottawa; 18) Alma Beatty, Pembroke; 19)?, Supreme Court, Ottawa

Photo source: Ottawa Public Library. Names provided by Christopher E. Carr, student at McGill University [Nov. 1998]
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