MATH*1030 Syllabus Page (Fall 2017)

Class: M/W/Fr: 2:30pm - 3:20pm, ALEX 200 (Sect 01), M/W/Fr: 4:30pm - 5:20pm, ROZH 104 (Sect 02)
Instructor: Marcus Garvie 
Office: MACN 552
Prerequisite: 4U Advanced Functions
Restrictions: MATH*1080, MATH*1200. Not available to students registered in the BSC program.
Credit Weight: 0.50
Academic Department: Mathematics & Statistics
Campus: main
Semester Offering: Fall
Teaching Assistants: Announced via email
Office Hours: Monday 10 - 11:30am, Friday 10 - 11am (may change!)

1   Course Notes:
2   What to bring to class
3   Class Schedule:

4   Content Description:
5   Learning Outcomes:

6   High-school algebra quiz:
7   Homework (available when ready):
8   Tests and exam times:
9   Teaching Assistants and Test Corrections

10   Picking up midterms 11   The Math & Stats Learning Centre:
12   Test preparation checklist:
13   Tentative outlines for the midterms and final exam:
14   For Practice (past) tests go to: 15   Tests and solutions for this year (announced when ready) 16   Texts recommended for background reading:
17   Attendance: 18   Email Etiquette: 19   Exam policies: 20   Academic consideration: 21   Procedure used to re-adjust the weight of assessed material: 22   Regulations regarding seeing your final exam: 23   Regulations regarding a grade-reassessment: 24   Academic Accommodation of Religious Obligations 25   Academic Misconduct: 26   Accessibility: 27   Course Policy regarding use of electronic devices and recording of lectures: 28   Drop date: 29   Course Evaluation Information 30   Strike Action 31   Bad weather, or other 'acts of God' 32   Mental Health Services

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