Miana Plesca
Department of Economics
University of Guelph

Working Papers



Vincenzo Caponi, Cevat Burc Kayahan, and Miana Plesca. 2010.  "The Impact of Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations on Training Decisions."  The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Advances, vol.10(1) art. 28. Winner of the 2010 B.E. press Arrow Prize for Junior Economists.


Miana Plesca. 2010.  "A General Equilibrium Evaluation of the Employment Service."  The Journal of Human Capital 4(3).


Vincenzo Caponi and Miana Plesca. 2009. "Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Can Ability Bias Explain the Earnings Gap Between College and University Graduates?" Canadian Journal of Economics, 42(3): 1100-1131. This version: May 2007 (IZA DP 2784).


Miana Plesca and Jeffrey Smith. 2007. "Evaluating Multi-Treatment Programs: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. Job Training Partnership Act Experiment.Empirical Economics 32(2-3): 491-528.  This version: August 2006.

Black, Dan, Jeffrey Smith, Miana Plesca and Suzanne Plourde. 2003. "Profiling UI claimants to Allocate Employment Services: Evidence and Recommendations for the States."  U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Occasional Paper ETAOP2003-2

Birsan, Maria and Miana Plesca. 1997.  "Exchange Rate Policy During Transition: the Case of Romania", in Zeljko Sevic and Glendal Wright (eds.) "Transition in Central and Eastern Europe", Sasakawa Peace Foundation, July 1997.



  • Submitted

Gueorgui Kambourov, Iourii Manovskii, and Miana Plesca. "Occupational Mobility and the Returns to Training." Version of August, 2010. Submitted.


  • Working papers

Miana Plesca and Jeffrey Smith.   " Rules Versus Discretion in Social Programs: Empirical Evidence on Profiling in Employment and Training Programs."  Version of June 2007. 

Vincenzo Caponi and Miana Plesca.  "The Empirical Characteristics of Legal and Illegal Immigrants in the U.S." Version of July, 2011.


Amanda Hammond and Miana Plesca.  "The Impact of Preschool Early Childhood Education on Adult Human Capital" Version of May, 2010.


  • Work in progress

Vincenzo Caponi and Miana Plesca.  “Women’s Higher Returns to Post-Secondary Education: Increased Productivity or Longer Hours Worked?”

Vincenzo Caponi and Miana Plesca.  “Women's Selection into School and Work.”

Gueorgui Kambourov, Iourii Manovskii and Miana Plesca. “Aging Workforce, Occupation Mobility, and the Skill Distribution in Canada.





Miana Plesca.   Synthesis of Two Evaluation Studies of Labour Market Information Services Provided by HRDC." Published by HRSDC under Summative Evaluation of HRSDC Labour Market Information Products and Services”, January 2005.

Smith, Jeffrey and Miana Plesca.   "How Can We Improve Public Employment and Training Programs."  In The Incentives of Government Programs and the Well-Being of Families, 
Bruce Meyer and Greg Duncan Eds., Joint Center for Poverty Research, Northwestern University / University of Chicago, 2000.