BarnSpiel Camp May Return in 2007 ?
Barber Scout Camp
(Near Guelph, Ont.)
Usually held in the late fall 

Who knows More?
Watch the Wellington Website
(See below)

This is a highly popular camp, and we're gonnna do it again!
(It's the 4th one, EH?)
Who's Invited?
 All Venturer-aged and up members of Scouts and Pathfinders anywhere.
 Yes! DJ and a DANCE!
What's happening?
A bunch of crazy, fun, farm-related events.
(Did I mention a Dance ?!)
Shootin' the Schnidt, Buggy Races, Sumo Tube and Leg Wrestling, and many more TBA
Spread the Word!  Get it marked on your calendar.  Start making plans NOW.  Brought to you by Wellington Area, and Friends.
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Directions, map on the Registration form(PDF).

PDF format files:
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