Ram Vasectomy Photos

Any teaser ram candidate should possess the following: healthy, moderate size, some sexual experience.  Hold off feed overnight and tranquillize with xylazine by intramuscular injection.  Restrain on back, clip & prep as for normal surgery. 1_Vas
Line block using 2% lidocaine diluted 50:50 with sterile water or saline. 2_Vas
Make a skin incision on the neck of the scrotum to the side of the median raphe.  Incision should be ~ 3 cm in length. 3_Vas
Dissect the subcutaneous tissues to enable the tunic containing the vas deferens and spermatic vessels to be isolated. 4_Vas
Careful not to mistake the penis for the spermatic cord 5_Vas
Using your fingers with blunt dissection, expose the spermatic cord and incise the tunic, being careful not to cut the pampiniform plexus or other structures. 6_Vas
Carefully dissect out a portion of the vas deferens, and verify that it is not the spermatic vein or artery by checking to see if it fills with blood. 7_Vas
Using a resorbable suture such as catgut, ligate the vas deferens in 2 locations, approximately 1.5 cm apart 8_Vas
It may be prudent to save the section removed in a preservative such as formalin, in order to verify the correct structure was removed. 9_Vas 10_Vas
Close the tunica with absorable suture material in a continuous pattern.  The skin can be closed using a non-absorbable material such as vetafil.  Sutures can be removed in 10 days, however the ram should not be used for teasing for 6 to 8 weeks to assure that the ram is infertile.  It is not uncommon for sperm granulomas to develop in a few years, or teasers to lose libido. 11_Vas